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Lolo Jones' post-workout shake, and the food she'll never eat again


Lolo Jones shows Savannah Guthrie how delicious a protein shake can be. Get the ingredients below!

Lolo Jones knows about nourishing herself with protein shakes – and not just because she’s an Olympic hurdler with the body of a goddess.

It turns out that Jones used to make shakes for a living. Yup, she’s a professional shake-maker.

“To kind of make ends meet while I trained, I worked at a gym, making protein shakes,” Jones told TODAY. “And little did I know … it's key for an athlete to have a protein shake within 15 to 20 minutes after a workout.”

Jones’ go-to shake is easy enough for even us mere mortals to make (I know I’m making this in the hope of looking like Lolo after my workout. A girl can dream). She uses a handful of strawberries, a whole banana, spinach, a couple tablespoons of protein powder, a little bit of honey and water, with optional ice, and then blends it all together.


Lolo's shake is chock full of protein, greens and fruit.

“The key about spinach is, they say you can add it to any protein shake and you won't tell the difference,” explained Jones. “You can taste it a little bit. They lied, but it's really healthy for you.”

She drinks a variation of this shake after each and every workout.

“I'm so tired of these, I've had (them for) 365 days” she joked. “I actually love the protein shakes because you can make them a million different ways.”

When it finally comes time for her to hang up her sneakers, Jones says she’ll still be drinking shakes. But there is something she looks forward to never tasting again.

“The thing I probably will never have again after I'm done with the Olympics is hardboiled eggs. For the last I don't know how many years, hardboiled eggs (have) been in my breakfast. I take the yolk out. And I never want another hardboiled egg again in my life ever,” said the Olympian. "I don't even care of it's Easter. No hardboiled eggs.”

Jones says she doesn't even want to be in the vicinity of those oeuf-fenders. “I feel bad for my (future) kids, 'cause, (if) they're like, ‘Mom, we're going to paint Easter eggs’ — no, we're not. We're totally just going to have over-easy eggs.”

Vidya Rao is a TODAY.com editor who is vying for a spot on Team USA — maybe these magic shakes can get her there. Rio 2016, here she comes!

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